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Hormuz, located near the southern shores of Iran, is an island facing the entrance to the Persian Gulf. It is a place of incredible beauty with characteristics unique throughout the world – most of all the gorgeous ruby-red beach. The Island of Hormuz is nicknamed “Rainbow Island” thanks to the many island colors and surrounding waters. It has become famous thanks to a video that went viral which focused on the inexplicable reddish hue of its sea. Countless people believed that an apocalyptic event was coming, believing that the beach was bathed in blood, but this was clearly based on fantasy.

The cause of the characteristic color is actually due to the presence of a high concentration of iron oxides and in fact, the darker sand causes the sea waves to take on a more intense and reddish color. Once you bathe in these waters, the color remains on your skin for days to come. The red oxide is called “gelack”, a substance used for making cosmetics, fabrics and ceramics and most especially – food coloring. It is used to bake a local bread called “tomshi”.

Hormuz Island is part of the Iranian territory of Hormozgan and has a mere three thousand inhabitants. Potable water comes from the continent through an aqueduct and despite being devoid of native vegetation, it remains one of the most attractive islands in the Middle East. The island is surrounded by a beautiful coastal road that opens up to a view to an extraordinary landscape composed of sedimentary rocks and volcanic materials of a thousand colors. This precious and evocative island remains very much untouched. Its temperatures can reach up to 113°F and 95% humidity during the summer, while in autumn and winter it maintains a mild and pleasant temperature.

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