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One of the most fascinating places in Kish. An approximately 2-acre plot of land located at the end of Ferdowsi Street. In this park, you can find a number of animals, such as lions, foxes, jackals, monkeys, deer and a variety of birds. Although the gazelles are not kept in cages like other animals in the park. In addition to watching these beautiful animals, children can also play in the park.

Ahuan Park in Kish is one of Kish’s zoos where all the animals except gazelle live there. Kish Island officials provided the possibility for the tourists to watch the beautiful and authentic Iranian deer in a 2 hectare space that benefits from beautiful green and natural surroundings. Lion, deer, fox, jackal, monkey, deer and a variety of birds are kept in Ahuan Park in Kish. The deer live freely and without limitations in Ahuan Park unlike other Iranian zoos so you can see them closely and take photos with them. There are also children’s play equipment in this park. The entrance to Ahuan Park is very spectacular, some small trains accompany the visitors to different parts of the park. You can sign up for Kish Tour through Alaedin Travel to visit its beautiful sites and book your hotel in Kish Island with our professional team in the hotel reservation section and travel to Iran.