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According to the low depth of Kish, Kariz underground city depth is about 12 meters below the ground with a height of 8 meters.

This underground city contains 3 aqueducts and 274 wells including recreational sites and facilities for visiting ancient aqueduct of Kish Island.

Some of these wells are completely intact and some others have been made in the form of a cone for better air conditioning and lighting. The aqueduct in Kariz Underground antiquity is over 2500 years old and it supplies the fresh water potable for residents of the islands.

The magnitude of this aqueduct with a maximum height of forty-five meters is unique in Kish Island. The Underground City of Kish is placed among the items of the world’s most important ancient monuments list due to its unique features such as the coral islands, fresh water channels, cool air under the roof and ceiling full of fossils and shells.

This aqueduct, in addition to supply the water for the residents of the island, was a merchandise region, so the ships passing the Persian Gulf bought the water from Kish people and sold spices and clothing to them.

Todays, the aqueduct usage has been changed to a wonderful underground city with more than 10,000 km2 and it have achieved new applications such as Iran and the world craft booths, traditional and new restaurants, conference hall, amphitheater, art gallery and etc.

This underground city covers more than 10,000 square meters. This city is one of the islands most spectacular monuments. Kariz is an archaic word for Qanat. The underground city is located at a depth of 16 meters, with an 8-meter roof overflowing with oysters, fossils and marine corals, dating back to around 270 and 570 million years ago. This complex has various sections, such as handicraft booths, restaurants, a museum, an amphitheater, a conference hall and a number of art galleries.