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A perineorrhaphy is the term used for the operation that repairs the perineal body. The perineal body (the supporting tissue between vaginal and anal openings) also helps to support the back wall of the vagina. The perineum is the area that is often damaged when tears or episiotomies occur during childbirth.



How is perineorrhaphy done?

An incision is made along the center of the back wall of the vagina starting at the entrance and finishing near the top of the vagina. The vaginal skin is then separated from the underlying supportive fascial layer. The weakened fascia is then repaired using absorbable stitches.

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hat is a Perineorrhaphy procedure?

Perineorrhaphy – Surgical reconstruction of the muscles of the perineum, the area between the vagina and the rectum. This procedure involves reattaching a number of small muscles that normally connect in this area.