There are several reasons to choose Iran for treatment and healthcare, since Iran offers a set of excellent treatment and medical options, along with a huge treasure of natural and historical attractions.

Currently, 42822 general doctors, 39892 specialist doctors, and 14314 residents are studying for specialization and 20051 dentists are working in the country. Based on this, we have a total of more than 117,000 people working in the country who are general doctors and dentists, specialists, sub-specialists, or studying for specialization.

Compared to the 2.2-time increase in the population after the Islamic Revolution, we have seen a 12-time increase in the number of doctors. Because in general, before the Islamic revolution, less than 10 thousand general and specialist doctors and dentists were working in the country.

The importance of medical education and treatment in Iran

Iranians have always set great importance on science and knowledge, and Iranian researchers and scientists continue their research and discoveries along with the advances in technology and science in the world, and medical science is what people and also the government in Iran is focusing on considerably. The government has made a lot of investments in the development and promotion of traditional and modern medicine, and many academic disciplines with different trends in Iran’s top universities provide competently and committed specialists in the field of treatment and health to the society.

Medical and health services in Iran, due to the significant number of specialists and medical centers, there is no waiting line for foreign visitors and by using world-class equipment, they provide the best quality services to the patients in the shortest time. High-quality services at a much lower cost than the countries in the region are one of the strengths of health tourism in Iran. Apart from this, Iran is among the leading countries in the world in various fields, including research in the field of stem cells.


State-of-the-art hospital

Iran has many hospitals that are public or private and focus on a group of services (general) or special medical services (specialized).


Seasoned physicians

Considering the importance of medical treatment and education in Iran, the number of specialist doctors and surgeons in Iran is very large, and the competition in scientific and academic progress in Iran has made the best people be succeeded in this field and enter the working environments and first-class hospitals in Tehran. These specialists have significant work experience and a large number of referrals throughout the year, which has made them very experienced and after the best possible diagnosis, provide excellent and first-level medical services to the patient.


Affordable prices

Foreign tourists can travel to Iran and receive high-quality medical and health services by only paying a fraction of the cost of treatment or health services compared to other countries. The difference in the cost of first-level treatment in Iran compared to European countries may reach 70% and it is much less compared to the countries of the region.


Inexpensive trip

Traveling to Iran is one of the most affordable trips among all countries in the world that can provide a perfect satisfaction and services for the visitors. Therefore, a large number of tourists have chosen Iran as a destination to experience the highest quality of food, accommodation, medical treatment, and transportation, at the lowest prices possible and this has made this country one of the best places to visit for the majority of tourist specifically the ones who plan to spend less on their trip but use the best service.