It’s time to have some fun!

Iran has a beautiful nature in every corner with a special weather for sightseeing. Therefore, each place has special entertainment. A limited number of the best entertainments in Iran are mentioned here.
But you can choose from the mountains to the forest, from the sea to the desert and from the cities to the village. In Bin Sina Tourism Group, we provide the best recreational tours with the best cost and the safest conditions.

If you want to stay in the city for entertainments you can choose between Milad Tower, Birds Garden, Nature Bridge and Chitgar Lake, Zurkhanehs, metro riding. And if you want to experience some excitement out of the cities you go for hang gliding and mountain climbing, tele cabins (cable cars), horse riding, water adventures, and Chaloos road!

 Tochal Complex

Consisting of multiple recreational and sport facilities, Tochal complex is considered one of the best entertainment in Iran and is located in the Tehran, at the foothills of Alborz Mountain. Tochal complex is also called Baam-e Tehran (the rooftop of Tehran where you can see the whole see beneath you). Whether you want to go for a hike or ski, restaurants or 4D cinemas, tele cabin (cable car) or bungee jumping; Tochal complex would make an excellent choice.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Since the country of Iran is a mountainous country one can easily find a place for hang gliding and paragliding. No matter the season and weather, you can always find a site to hang glide or para-glide which is considered as one of the best entertainment in Iran. Best sites are in Tabriz city, Golestan Province in the hearts of mediaeval forest, near the city of Yazd in the heart of the dessert, and also in the Tehran.

Birds Garden

The best entertainment in Iran also could be bagh-e Parandegan or the birds’ garden which is popular among Iranians. You can find these kinds of gardens in almost every big city in Iran. However, the best garden is said to be the one in Isfahan. The garden’s area and the birds themselves have been kept in good shaped and are a wonderful source if you are interested to know the bird types of Iran.

Bazaars and Malls

Shopping or better to say window-shopping has become so popular that has made going to bazaars and malls to one of the best entertainment in Iran. All over the country of Iran all kinds of bazaars and malls are available; from ancient and traditional bazaars to the most modern malls and shopping complexes. Some examples are: Kourosh shopping centre in Tehran, cite centre mall in Isfahan, vakil bazaar in Kerman, the grand traditional bazaars in Tabriz and Tehran, etc.

Tele Cabins (Cable Cars)

If you are not afraid of height we recommend you to hop on the tele cabin of Tochal complex or the one in Ramsar city to have a unique experience. If you get on a tele cabin in Tehran, Tochal complex it takes you to the height of 3680 meters in the length of almost 8 kilometres. At the final station which is number 7, there is a hotel for those who want to ski and spend a night in the height. However, if you go to the north of Iran; to the city of Ramsar situated at the seaside foothills of Alborz Mountain you can get on the tele cabin (cable car) which disappears into the heart forest covered in fog. That’s quite an experience. Ramsar tele cabin, as you ride it, gives you the privileged view of the city and sea and mountain and forest all at the same time and these elements have made it one of the best entertainments of Iran.

Horse Riding and Racing

Horse riding is so amusing and popular and it has made it way to our list of the best entertainment in Iran; it is recommended by Islam as well, the religion of Iranians. Thus, it is widely known to everybody. If you like to give this sport a try, you can either go riding in the untamed natures in Lorestan province via pre-planned tours or you can go to horse riding clubs which the most famous and high quality ones are in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.

Water Parks

Water parks are one the most recent entertainments in Iran; and since they were well received they were quickly developed and modernized. The only thing you should know about water parks in Iran is that they are separate for men and women according to the rules of the religion of the country which Islam. The best and most fun water parks are in Tehran, Mashhad and Kish Island.

 Safari in the Desert

Earlier in this post we talked so much about the mountain of Iran. You should know that Iran has lots of desserts as well. Some of them are exactly next to the mountains! Near the cities of Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan there are lots of safari and desert-hikes available if you are into sand and stars.

Water Adventures

To experience the best of water related adventure and entertainments, you can go to the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran or go exactly in the opposite direction, to the south of the country to Persian Gulf, to Kish and Qeshm Island. From scuba diving to kite surfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, and parasailing you can enjoy all kinds of watery adventure in the Kish Island. Moreover, if you are interested in rafting, lots of rivers around the country call you to themselves to go through an unrepeated experience. Best rivers suitable for rafting are in Lorestan and Kohgiluyeh province. Also Zayandeh Rood River, Haraz and Sefid Rood River are top rivers for rafting.