Noor Hospital is the first private specialized ophthalmology hospital in the country, with the consultation system, and expert ophthalmologists who are proficient in modern ophthalmology knowledge, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in the world, and kind and trained personnel, in a beautiful and peaceful environment. It has provided worthy services to its dear compatriots and has always been brilliant and progressive in all scientific, practical and technological fields and has proven its superiority in the country and the region. In order to provide more comfort and convenience to the patients of Noor Ophthalmology Hospital, Clinic No. 82 on Esfandiar  Street and all clinical and paraclinical services were moved from the hospital building to the new center.

With more than two decades of continuous surgical procedures, Noor Ophthalmology Hospital and Clinic are considered to be the first private ophthalmology center in Iran, which provides the most diverse and up-to-date ophthalmology diagnostic and therapeutic services to Iranians and foreign patients in the world-class. With doctors who are proficient in the modern science of ophthalmology and very modern and advanced operating rooms and equipment, this complex, while providing all kinds of treatments and the most complex eye surgeries, has a significant presence in international congresses and seminars every year and is always popular. Due to the brilliant services that this hospital provides, it has also been praised by the ophthalmology community of Iran and the world.

Noor Ophthalmology Hospital and Clinic is the leading hospital in Iran in applying many treatment techniques such as surgeries related to refractive errors, including LASIK and PRK surgery, femtolysis surgery and femtosmile, cornea and retina surgeries, so that it is possible to compare the quality of its services with the most prestigious medical centers in the world.In the Noor Ophthalmological Complex, all the necessary facilities to provide a successful and high-quality treatment have been thought out in advance. The ophthalmologists in Noor Hospital are well-known in terms of their scientific and clinical status inside and outside the country, our kind and compassionate nurses are trained beyond the international standards of hospital care, and other executive staff in various departments of special training courses, so that they can provide the best and highest quality services at reasonable prices .