Iran, a country with well-equipped hospitals In recent years, Iranian medical centers and medical services have become more popular than ever among the countries in West Asia and the Middle East. Today, hospitals in Iran are among the best hospitals in the region; therefore, some private hospitals have achieved international fame.

In these years, many tourists have visited Iran for medical treatment. Certainly, the low cost of treatment in Iran is the main reason for the arrival of so many tourists. But the quality of hospitals and the presence of professional doctors have also played an important role in this.

Here are some best hospitals in Iran

1- Milad specialized and superspecialized hospital, the best hospital in Tehran

Milad 1000-bed specialized and the super-specialized hospital is one of the best and most equipped hospitals in Iran. This hospital includes the departments of heart surgery, coronary angiography, cerebral and peripheral vessels, CT scan, nuclear medicine, plasma Pheresis, etc. The presence of medical laser and gamma-ray surgery departments in Iran has made patients from all over the country choose this hospital. Another reason for the popularity of Milad Hospital among the general public is that its services are free for those insured. The treatment departments of the hospital include 33 departments and 37 operating rooms. Operating rooms include 36 surgical beds and 58 recovery beds. Inpatient departments on 12 floors include normal and special departments. The normal wards of 37 beds are in the form of 1, 3, and 4 bedrooms with facilities such as refrigerator, TV, sofa bed, nurse call system, and central medical gas.

2-Razi Super Specialized Hospital

Razi Super Specialized Hospital is the only specialized hospital for skin diseases in the country. This hospital has 122 active beds and includes departments of dermatology clinic, reconstructive surgery clinic, general surgery clinic and specialized clinics including pemphigus clinic, UV therapy clinic, laser radiation clinic, ear, nose and throat clinic, infectious disease clinic, nutrition clinic, internal medicine clinic, tumor clinic, It is a genetic and dental clinic.

3-Irfan private specialized and sub-specialized hospital

Irfan private specialized and sub-specialized hospital started working in 2015, in order to provide advanced healthcare and care services based on adherence to human values ​​and dignity. This hospital has 180 active beds, including single, double and special wards, and is located on 9 floors with an area of ​​4,480 square meters and an infrastructure of 20,000 square meters.

This hospital is one of the most equipped hospitals in the country, which was established based on the latest hospital standards and is known as a general hospital with operating rooms equipped for all specialized and sub-specialized fields. The most important departments of the hospital are as follows:

Normal hospitalization departments: general medical ward, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, daily hospitalization

Special care units:

ICU General

Surgical ICU

Heart Surgery Special Care (Open-Heart ICU)

Cardiac special care: Post-Cardiac Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Post-Cath Unit

Neonatal ICU

Operating rooms:

General operating room

Heart surgery operating room

Endoscopic surgery room


birth block

Infertility and genetics (IVF) treatment department


Specialized and super-specialized clinic

Endocrine Clinic

Skin and beauty clinic

Wound and ostomy clinic

Nutrition Clinic

Paraclinical units:




Pharmacy and pharmaceutical care


4-Razavi Super-specialized Hospital

The 320-bed Razavi Hospital has been built on a land of approximately 4,000,000 square meters with an infrastructure of about 56,000 square meters on 5 floors.

The affiliation of this center to Astan Quds Razavi and having advanced medical equipment in accordance with the latest technologies in the world, while having an expert and experienced medical staff and having the necessary medical and other facilities, along with full compliance and medical standards, is one of the remarkable and unique features of Razavi Hospital.

In 2015, the permission to establish the first unit and department of health tourism (IPD) in the country was officially granted to Razavi Hospital and such official activities were formed in this field. Due to the extensive treatment coverage in Razavi Hospital, most of the specialized fields of this medical center are of interest to non-Iranians.

The different departments of the hospital are:

CSR Unit (Central Sterilization) – MRI – Nuclear Medicine – Endoscopy – Emergency – Specialized Clinics (Check Up) – Holter Monitoring – Dentistry – Otorhinolaryngology – Pain – Gynecology – Painless Childbirth – Internal Medicine) Laboratory – Radiology (plain, digital, mammography, panorex, and bone density) – Ultrasound (fixed and mobile) – CT scan and CT angiography – Pharmacy – Cardiac rehabilitation department – Central operating rooms – Cat lab (cardiac catheterization) – ICUs open heart surgery – surgical ICU) – surgery department – women’s department – Iman block – NICU (neonatal special care), Cardiology Department includes: Cardiac Department 1 and 2, CCU and cardiac surgery – echocardiography and exercise test and Pace-Maker. This hospital also has inpatient rooms of 4 types, equipped with nursing call and care monitoring, library, sterile infectious waste unit, welfare facilities for personnel, hospital management system (HIS), building management system (BMS), and advanced telecommunication system.


IPD department services

Face-to-face and virtual consultation with doctors

Communication and submission of the file before the application

Appointment of a doctor and notification before admission

Providing Fast Track services

Providing special services (VIP)

Follow up on the hotel reservation process

Free translation service when visiting

Follow up treatment process after discharge