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 Introduction to the most important must-see places in Iran, Iran top travel destinations & top tourist attractions in Iran Iran is a vast country full of glorious historical attractions and breathtaking natural sights. The diversity of attractions in Iran makes it an amazing travel destination for travelers with any taste; however, it also makes it difficult to plan an ideal Iran trip.

Although even a month of traveling through Iran may not be enough to see all there is to see, it’s possible to plan a fulfilling Iran trip that covers the best Iran destinations, the most significant Iran attractions, and most enjoyable things to do in Iran based on your preferences. By gaining enough information about Iran, you’ll be able to get the most out of your time, visit attractions that are most compatible with your taste and have unique experiences in addition to authentic ones.

Iran is:

-The most Budget-friendly travel destinations in the world (The World Economic Forum, 2019 Report)

-9th country in the world with most cultural heritage sites (UNESCO)

-11th travel destination in the world based on countries with most heritage sites (UNESCO)

-More travel-related safety and security than Russia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil & Thailand, etc. (The World Economic Forum, 2019 Report)