Iran is a powerful center in medical tourism

Fortunately, since science and technology has advanced significantly in Iran, it can meet the medical and beauty needs of residents of other parts of the world. Therefore, many skilled and experienced specialists  are ready to provide all kinds of medical and beauty services for people from all other countries. These specialized services are provided with the highest quality.

Nowadays cosmetic surgery is one of the most important services that is performed in its best possible way in many developed countries.

Iran is known as one of the pioneer countries in the field of cosmetic surgery in the Middle East and always hosts many tourists from all over the world. The reason why the tourist nose surgery market is large in Iran and why tourists choose Iran for nose surgery is what we intend to introduce and analyze.


Nose surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most popular surgeries in Iran and even all over the world which is in the category of cosmetic surgeries. This surgery ends in beautifying the shape of the nose based on people’s face and appearance, which is performed in two types for fleshy and bony noses.

Why do tourists choose Iran for nose surgery?

There are a variety of reasons, including providing high quality services, low and affordable costs, increasing the level of satisfaction, etc. compared to countries such as Canada, Australia or the United States that encourages some foreign tourists to travel to Iran for the nose surgery.

It can be concluded that Iran has a high standard and quality of surgery compared to western countries and can compete with all countries in this field; hence, the level of cosmetic surgery is very high in Iran. Therefore, in a general, the most important things that can attract tourists to perform surgeries are as follows:

  • High quality surgical services
  • Having the best doctors and specialists in the field of beauty
  • Reasonable and affordable prices for all beauty procedures.
  • Increasing patients’ satisfaction

What kind of things does nose surgery include?

If you are looking for nose surgery services in Iran, you should know that in this field, Iranian specialists have the ability to treat various nose problems. Therefore, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon for the following:

1-Removing the hump of the nose

2- Nose surgery

3- Correction of crooked nose due to previous fractures

4-Shrinking the nostrils in cases where they are large or wide

5- The size and width of the tip of the nose

6- Dropping of the tip of the nose