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By attending the Najaf exhibition, Bin Sina Medical Tourism Company provides medical and tourism services and consultations to clients.

According to BinSina’s public relations, providing services for checking blood sugar, blood pressure, free doctor visits, and nutritional counseling for clients are among the programs that will be implemented on the occasion of this exhibition.

Those interested can take advantage of special discounts to plan a medical and recreational trip to Iran by visiting the Bin Sina company’s booth in this exhibition, while receiving free medical consultation services in the fields of treatment and cosmetology. Participants will also be able to visit experienced doctors online if they wish.

Bin Sina is an integrated healthcare and medical services company in Iran. It is one of the best healthcare and medical institutions in the country cooperating with the best and most famous hospitals with the best healthcare facilities, operational beds and diagnostic centers. Bin Sina offers you a full range of a wide range of healthcare and medical services. It provides you with high quality medical care through a well-established, proven and internationally trained medical team. Bin Sina offers the best care in order to deliver the best results.