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Yazd’s clear sky and desert environment make it an ideal destination for astronomical tourism. Among the popular types of tourism, astronomical tourism has become more known and introduced in recent years, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists, he noted.
In July 2017, the historical structure of the city of Yazd was named a UNESCO World Heritage. Wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and the southern Dasht-e Lut on a flat plain, the oasis city enjoys a very harmonious public-religious architecture that dates from different eras.
Yazd is usually referred to as a delightful place to stay, or a “don’t miss” destination by almost all of its visitors. The city is full of mudbrick houses that are equipped with innovative badgirs (wind catchers), atmospheric alleyways, and many Islamic and Iranian monuments that shape its eye-catching city landscape.

It is a living testimony to the intelligent use of limited available resources in the desert for survival. Water is brought to the city by the qanat system. Each district of the city is built on a qanat and has a communal center.
Illuminated only by the stars and having a clear sky, Iranian deserts are dream places for astronomy enthusiasts and sky lovers to experience dark night observatories.
The country is home to wide deserts in its central lands including UNESCO-tagged Lut Dessert as well as several historical caravanserais hosting astronomical tourists from ancient eras to the present.

1. Caracal (Karakal) Desert

Your best option in Yazd Province is only 140 km from Yazd: Caracal Desert. Why the name ‘caracal’? Because this Iran desert has been home to beautiful wild cats known as caracals. In this beautiful desert, you can choose from a range of desert entertainments like camel riding, desert safari, 4WD motorcycling on the golden dunes, and taking a walk in the palm orchards. The lovely combination of colors in caracal desert is a source of peace. A starry sky, an unexplored world, and a pleasant peace are only a part of the charms of this sandy land.

2. Siah Kooh Desert

Like to lose yourself in a pristine desert where you can enjoy special formations in absolute peace? Then 120 km to the north of Yazd is where you should be: Siah Kooh Desert. This special desert is made for real adventurers. So, you need to have a professional desert guide or local leader beside you. Around this Iran desert, you can find volcanic and lime stones, and scenic conical formations showcase themselves here and there. High amount of salt and high level of underground water have given Siah Kooh Desert an impressive bumpy surface. These nice-looking charms together create a picturesque picture that spices up your desert adventure.

3Fahraj and Shabahang Deserts

Visiting the most beautiful desert city of Iran, Yazd, and like to enjoy desert entertainments on the sandy hills nearby? Then I recommend Fahraj Desert and Shabahang Desert (30-40 km from Yazd). The desert camps in these Iran deserts offer facilities for camel riding, 4W motorcycling, desert safari, etc.

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