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When selecting a list of the top holiday destinations for 2020, tourists and the travel industry had no idea how much the reality of traveling would change in just a few months. Still, nobody can’t say with any certainty when people can travel safely again. There are so many questions about how the tourism industry will start after COVID-19. When will lockdowns and restrictions of travel end? Under what conditions will they resume? When being people willing to return to travel? When will it be safe to travel? Despite all this, tourists are most excited to start a trip. The current travel restrictions are making people crave to next trip more than ever before. After the lockdown instructions and other distancing-related measures are behind, they hope to find a way of going again to discover a new part of the world in 2021.

All travelers hope that in 2021, they will all be traveling again. However, it believes that tourists still need some more time before making up their minds to travel next year or not. Thus I am preparing this article and offer suggestions to start thinking about the 2021 trip with details on exciting Iran to know about it.

Thanks to important historical sites, a colorful and diverse culture, exquisite landscapes, and hospitality people, Iran has been chosen as one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations for several years in a row.

IranBucket List Holidays 2021

Located in West Asia, Iran is a country that’s a treasure trove of nature and culture. The country covers the landscape, and it’s the perfect place to rest and reconnect with nature and simplicity. If you’re looking for a stunning adventure and discoveries of all kinds, Iran should be on your bucket list in 2021! Here are a few motives that will prove to you why.

  • Four Season; Wonder Country     

One of the crucial concerns for many travelers is weather conditions, levels of humidity, and temperature. For sure, after spending such a long time staying at home and losing the best season of travel, it is time to put Iran on your travel bucket list.

Iran is unique in a variety of climate, and it is famous for four-season weather. Iran is the only land in the world where travelers may experience all four seasons at the same time in every corner of the country all year long.

For the sake of Iran’s diverse nature, the north is covered with evergreen forests with a moderate climate. The south is with a hot and humid environment, a beautiful and attractive palm tree.

To enjoy a hot desert and running sand, with its nights full of stars, go to the east of the country, and the west of this vast land attractive with mountains high in the sky.

Iran locates at four geo-climatic zones, which can be a significant variation in climate conditions across the country. For example, in winter, you may ski with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures in the northern part. In contrast, go swimming in hot water at the Persian Gulf in the south.

  • The Great Road Trip

The most priority for entering public transport, on an airplane, in a restaurant, or visiting a museum is social distancing. By these regulations, you can be far away from people and still have a fantastic experience by road trip adventure in nature.

The best way to figure out Iran’s hidden corners is road trips by car, bicycle, etc. You will discover a wild, elegant landscape by meet friendly and hospitable local people. You see a different perspective of history and understand better the fundamental values of life in charming small and pristine towns. A road trip here is getting out of your comfort zone and getting lost in time. You can experience staying in a homestay in a village or rest in a tent in nature. The Iran road trip is a perfect tour to escape from worldly affairs.

  • Nomad: Traditional Camping

Some locations and accommodations may put you at a higher risk for contracting the coronavirus. So, Some travelers are eager to stay in remote hotels or rent private vacation places.  A great nomad camping is a safe vacation lodging choices that make it easier to follow social distancing. Nomads are a group of people who migrate and travel from one place to another destination with their tribe, family, and all their belongings in Iran. They camped in simple and colorful tents with their local and ethnic tales.

Living some days in a nomad tent, you will experience a whole other world away from a world full of distractions you used to. You will surprise to see real satisfaction in their sunburned but happy faces and pride in their spirits. You will go to sleep by sunset and wake up by sunrise in a primitive tent and immersed in Iranian indigenous history and culture. Nomad will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

  • Wide Diversity Nature

Many people have turned to nature to reduce stress levels, improve mental health, and stay physically active. The human connection with nature and ecosystems contributed to the current pandemic’s existence in the first place.

Over the past years, adventure tourism continues to grow in popularity. Travelers seek new and incomparable experiences. They plan to visit previously undiscovered destinations.

In Iran, you realize that adventure is everywhere if only you know what to look for it. Breathtaking intact nature with a range of activities is the best reason to travel to Iran.

With Mountains to wildlife watching, mountain climbing, and rock climbing, to more than 300 caves for the cavers and spelunker. Water activities such as rafting, canoeing, divings, paddling on a lake, paragliding, skydiving, and horseback riding. All of these available for those who wish to experience adventure in the heart of Iran.

  • Delicious Culinary Workshop

Most people are finding comfort in cooking during the coronavirus pandemic. They enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and cooking all sorts of complicated and different food. When they are baking or cooking, using all five of their senses and being in the moment.

Sometimes it is enough to taste the flavors of a country’s cuisine when we travel. With a diversity of climates, a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs in Iran, you will enjoy from ancient traditions food to the current state. In Iran culinary tour, you will discover the different tastes and cook the food by yourself. In the end, you meet behind stories and secrets of rich culinary culture like never before.

Post-Pandemic Travel Destination: Iran

Are you looking for your next great destination? Look no further! Tick it off early and enjoy the wonders this beautiful middle east country.

It is impossible to get bored in Iran while combines beach, relaxation, wellness, sustainable tourism, nature, trekking, leisure, shopping, culture, gastronomy, religious tourism, and unique attractions for children and grown-ups.

Travel agency cares about the safety of tourists, staff, and suppliers. It pays attention to evaluating regulations and limitations imposed by Iran and world organizations.

Travel Specialists in Iran’s tourism industry prepare private and exclusive tours for the individual traveler, couples, or small family groups. I invite you to experience the contrast of ancient historical sites as well as modern lifestyle and mix of beautiful scenery.