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At the southeastern tip of Kish Island, Persian Gulf, there is a large amusement park covering an area of 100 hectares, where bougainvilleas have wrapped around palm trees among colorful flowers. Within this garden, there are around 100 various plants and trees including various palms, eucalyptus, sacred fig, acacia, myrrh, marshmallow, 25 species of cactus, and huge benjamins that can thrive on the coral soil of the island.

Here a bird sanctuary, palm grove, cactus park, orchid garden, silkworm house, underwater aquarium, artificial rain-forest, and an erupting volcano provides ample amusement for visitors according to gardesh.info.

With an amphitheater, traditional tea-house, and restaurant, refreshments for visitors is ensured, and Hotel Marina Park, Hotel Dariush and Hotel Shaygan offer quality lodging.

A highlight among the recreational places is the Dolphin Park or dolphinarium; spread across 18,000 cubic meters, with 21 aquatic mammals on display.  Among the marine mammals are dolphins, porpoise, southern sea lion, and there is even a penguin!

Billionaire businessman and Persian carpet dealer Hossein Sabet started investing in the complex 10 years ago.  He owns Sabet International Trading Company with numerous subsidiaries such as the Sabet Hotels Group, notable for owning many hotels in Kish island, including Dariush Grand Hotel.

Some of the dolphins in the park have been brought from Japanese aquariums aboard private flights. In the dolphinarium visitors can closely interact with the trained dolphins.

The tickets to the complex are sold in packages.  Option one allows visitors to just visit the dolphin park; option 2 offers the dolphin park along with a Persian night show; and option 3 offers the dolphin park, the Persian night show and the aviary. The visitors who lodge in Dariush hotel will receive some discount on tickets.

The dolphin show starts from 4 pm every day and ends at 8:30 pm. It is really exciting to see dolphins trained to do synchronized swimming. They even dance to the music in harmony. In aqua centers around the globe one always gets a similar show, but not in Kish. The show is well organized, amazing, and entertaining. Sometimes nine dolphins perform parallel jumps through hoops in unison. The accuracy and coordination is a rare sight. The exciting show ends with photo sessions.