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Almas-e-Shargh mall is a combination of the traditional and modern architecture that it’s large, dazzling dome shines like a diamond. It was built at the end of Khayyam Blvd. The building of this complex is made up of six floors, most of the units are represented and affiliated with the sales and distribution of home appliances, porcelains and crystals, audio and video, computers, mobile phones, bags and shoes, clothing, handicrafts and supplies. The parking lot of this complex has a capacity of about 1,300 cars. This mall also includes Land of Wonders for children’s fun. Wonderland can be considered as the largest indoor amusement park in Mashhad which has the ability to entertain children for hours with a variety of games. Except Wonderland, there is a five-dimensional cinema and an aquarium called the Shahre Daryaee-e Shargh, which has a collection of fish collected from all the salty seas of the world. The waterfront of this complex, located in the center of the mall, is very interesting and spectacular. In addition to visiting the architecture of this great shopping center, you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts in this complex on your trip to Mashhad. Visit Alaedin Travel website to book a tour to Iran in the shortest possible time.