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Are you a fan of bird-watching? If yes, Birds Garden of Isfahan is a perfect place for you! More than 5000 birds from 130 different species are kept in this semi-paradise garden. Never lose the cheerful experience of walking among green spaces with tall trees in this garden and hearing the heavenly sound of different birds’ symphony. Let’s learn more about this place in the following.

Birds Garden of Isfahan

About Birds Garden of Isfahan

In the 1990s, the municipality of Isfahan founded Birds Garden and by now this place is under the supervision of the recreation and welfare organization of the municipality. This large bird homage is more than 17000 m2 and has a huge chain-link fence around it which enables birds to fly freely inside the Garden. Of course, predator birds like eagle, hawk, and owl cannot live outside their cages due to other birds’ safety. In this garden, you can see more than 5000 birds that are gathered from Iran and other countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China, and Tanzania.

There are some facilities for different kinds of birds in this garden. A beautiful pond for aquatic birds like ducks, flamingos, and pelicans. Glass cages with special features like greenhouses for birds like parrots and budgerigars that do not have the ability to live in the frigid winter weather of Isfahan. Metal cages to keep hunter birds such as eagle, owl, and hawk. Cliffs for birds that are native to rocky and desert areas such as partridge and quails. Lush greenery for forest birds like peacocks and pheasants are other parts of this garden.

Birds Garden of Isfahan

Location of Birds Garden of Isfahan

Birds Garden of Isfahan is located inside Nazhvan Forest Park; therefore, you can also visit Isfahan Aquarium, Reptile Garden, Chairlift, cycling route, and other attractions nearby. Also, you can enjoy the lovely riverside of the Zayandehrud River. If you follow the riverside to the east, you will see Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju Bridge as well.

Birds Garden of Isfahan

Where to Eat near Birds Garden of Isfahan

You are a little far away from the city center, there are not many choices for restaurants but don’t worry. There are some restaurants and café inside Nazhvan Forest Park where you can eat and spend a lovely day.


source: Apochi.com