Pahlavanpour Garden Traditional Hotel is one of the well-known and historical orchards of Iran. The orchard manifests Iranian and traditional architecture, and has an eye catching landscape. Located in Mehriz city, the orchard covers an area of roughly 5 hectares which is dated to Qajar era. Although the orchard was constructed in Qajar era, the hallmarks of the architectural styles, belonging to Zand dynasty are evident in different parts of this orchard.

Historical buildings in this orchard have created a special bond between the nature and the art of architecture. The orchard includes a summerhouse, a winter quarter, janitor’s unit, the public bathroom and the kitchen Its architectural style is a blend of the architectural style of the summerhouse and the central courtyard.

The most valuable section of the orchard is the three-storey summerhouse, which covers an area of 1500 square meters. The interior section of the summerhouse includes a hall and a pond. The Kolah Farangi building within the summerhouse has been beautifully decorated and is considered as one of the most valuable sections of the summerhouse.

The water current, originating from Hassan-Abad aqueduct, runs across the orchard after passing through the summerhouse. Next to the summerhouse, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the warehouse were situated, which have been recently unearthed throughout excavations which were carried out in this orchard.

The other important building is the winter quarter. It is a one-storey building which includes the common room, and kitchen. The janitor’s unit which has been the place of residence and the workshop of the related workers is located in the northern corner of the orchard.

This hotel consists of 4 Double rooms, 3 Triple rooms, 1 Quad room, a coast soccer field, a tennis court and children`s playground.