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It is said that  Vakil Abad Zoo in Mashhad is the largest zoo in the country with many species of wildlife. For example, there are several types of tigers, or recently a tygon was born in this zoo, which was the result of mating a male tiger with a female lion. Two of the zoo’s tigers have also become movie or documentary stars.

But all this does not prevent you making upset about the ugly atmosphere of this zoo and the small size of the captive animal cages, especially since I have always seen the interior of the cages in a messy and dirty way.

The deaths of several tigers at the zoo over the past years said to have been natural, but that can only be a claim.

In my opinion, such zoos should be dismantled, and if we want a space for keeping and caring for animals, which is also useful for scientific research, we should allocate large and desirable zoo parks in suitable places for this purpose.

Vakil Abad Zoo is located near Vakil Abad Park at the end of Vakil Abad blvd in Mashhad metropolis.