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A cystocele is when part of the bladder wall bulges into the vagina. The bulge happens through a defect in the wall between the bladder and vagina. Cystocele. A rectocele is when part of the wall of the rectum bulges into the vagina.


How is rectocele surgery performed?

The surgeon makes one or more incisions (cuts) along the back wall of the vagina. Stitches are sewn into the weakened tissue around the vagina and rectum and along the vaginal wall. These stitches can strengthen your tissues by closing any tears and encouraging scar tissue to build in the area for extra support.

How is a cystocele repair performed?

Often, the surgery is performed vaginally and involves lifting the prolapsed bladder back into place using stitches and removing any excess vaginal tissue. Your doctor may use a special type of tissue graft to reinforce vaginal tissues and increase support if your vaginal tissues seem very thin.

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What is the success rate for cystocele and rectocele surgery?

The success for this procedure to correct the bulge is over 80-90 percent depending on the technique used. Symptoms improve or resolve between 60-80 percent of the time. Light vaginal bleeding can occur as the incision heals and some discomfort with bowel movements is normal, initially.

Can you have both cystocele and rectocele?

Cystocele, urethrocele, enterocele, and rectocele are particularly likely to occur together.

How painful is cystocele surgery?

You may experience discomfort in the vagina for 1-2 weeks following the surgery. The physician may place a medicated vaginal packing in the vagina overnight. The catheter stays for 2-6 days to give the bladder more time to function normally. You may notice bloody discharge and/or odor from the vagina for 1-2 weeks.