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This amusement park is located in west of Mashhad and on the northwest side of Azadi Square; it is considered as the biggest park in Mashhad Township. This project was done by a joint venture between the private sector, the municipality and expert engineers.

Its construction started in March 2001 and ended in March 2004. The park consists of sanitary facilities, mosque, theme park, sport fields, library and swimming pool. The park also has a various facilities for the entertainment of all ages. Roller coasters, a train, the largest gyro swing in Iran and a new Ferris wheel that is the third largest after its London and Italian counter parts with a height of 80 meters, 260 tons and 56 cabins with the capacity of 448 passengers. Imam Reza Haram (peace be upon him) can be seen from this Ferris wheel.

This park is the most popular park, with beautiful gardens, and facilities for various sports with an area of 720,000 m².  It is not uncommon to see hundreds of people of all ages walking and jogging around the park early in the morning and picnicking late at nights as well.

Near this park, there are many shopping stores, fast foods, restaurants, etc.