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The Eram Garden in Shiraz is one of the most stunning and monumental gardens of Iran. The garden was established during the reign period of the Saljuq Dynasty. Since its construction and until the late 18th century, it was utilized by the local rulers and Persian monarchs. In 1963, passing through a chain of owners, the garden was handed over to Shiraz University.

Currently the garden is used as a botanical garden. The main building of the garden has three stories. A beautiful and small pond is located in the basement. On the second level, a large porch is situated with two tall standing pillars.

The tall and beautiful cypress trees around the garden catch everyone’s attention. The visitors of the garden are enchanted by the pleasant fragrance of flowers and the song of nightingales.

Both the building and the garden were built by a paramount chief of the Qashqai tribes of Pars.

The structure has been restored, modified and changed by various participants. The architect of the building is Haji Mohammad Hasan.

The structure has 32 rooms on two stories. They are decorated by tiles with poems from the poet Hafez.

Nowadays, the Eram Garden and the building are within The Eram Botanical Garden of Shiraz University. They are open to the public as a historic landscape. Both of them are considered as World Heritage Site.