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One of the most remarkable places in Isfahan is flowers garden. This beautiful garden is located in the south-east of Bozorgmehr square, right next to the Zayandehrud river. This garden was completed in 1997 for different purposes such as research, education and entertainment.

At the entrance of the garden you can see a building with Iranian traditional architecture. In this building different activities take place. There is a shop in the first floor which you can buy seeds and ask for any information you want to know about plants. The hall on the second floor of this building is used for showing movies and slides about different kinds of plants.

In this garden more than 700 types of plants are kept and different gardens are used for keeping them, like the enchanting rose garden and the lily garden. Herb garden is also one of these places that various types of herbs from different parts of Iran are stored. Also there is a green house which is mostly used in winter for the safekeeping of flowers.

The yard of the Flowers Garden is decorated with a beautiful waterfall made with river stones, a large pond with ducks swimming in it and a rock garden. Also at the center of the garden you can see a carpet-like flower bed. Shrubs and hedges are all around the garden and the floor is covered with loans and granite stones.

In this garden you can enjoy the colorful bed flowers, outdoor amphitheater, Japanese garden, cafe and kids playground. The beauties of this garden cannot be explained by words. It’s a must-see place in Isfahan and the best time for seeing all these beauties is in spring and summer. In these seasons all kinds of Iranian cultivated flowers can be seen in their most beautiful condition.