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City Center Shopping Complex: City Center is easily the biggest shopping center in Isfahan. This seven-story building is located at the beginning of the Shiraz-Isfahan road. Like other big shopping malls, City Center has a food court, cinema, fitness center, and an entire floor dedicated to a hypermarket. You can buy almost anything in City Center, including handicrafts, clothing, and housewares.

Located on the crossing road of Vahid Dastgerdi Highway, Isfahan City Center is a multi-functional complex. It offers a modern shopping mall, an international 5-star hotel, cinema complex, amusement park, restaurants, art gallery, gym, and International Exhibition Center. It has an area of a 465,000-meter square.

The purpose of this construction was to build a place that facilitates all the everyday citizens’ needs altogether. This is a 7-storey complex. Two of the floors are allocated to parking space with a 5500 car capacity. Three floors are assigned to hyper star and commercial stores. The two last upper floors include cinema complex, multipurpose hall, food courts, and different salons.