Hair transplant is a very small hair on the sides and at the back which is surgically taken at the top of the head that is in the shape of a small skin graft. The hair is genetically programmed in such a way that will continuously grow even when it has been transplanted to a different site. Some people may require extensive hair replacement and some only requires a recreation of their hairline.


Hair Transplant Procedure

The surgery takes place under local anesthesia. The surgeon first harvests the donor hair grafts from the strip of a skin which is taken from the region in between the two ears. The strip is separated into tiny units of skin grafts containing 1 to 3 hairs known as follicular units. The surgeon then makes the recipient sites which are produced in the area of hair loss. In the bald skin, the sites are produced by making little slits. The needle creates appropriate opening for every site and the blood is taken out of the patient’s arm. The surgeon then carefully places the grafts on the recipient sites and the back of the head of donor site is not noticeable. The new transplanted hair starts to grow after 3 to 4 months time and the hair continue to grow for about half an inch for every month.

Nonsurgical Hair Transplant

The non-surgical process is the most effective solution to the male-pattern baldness. It simply requires applying light, thin and transparent membrane to the scalp which is then combined with the natural hair. This transparent membrane is then attached to the scalp. To create a natural effect, the membrane is woven with the existing hair. This looks completely natural just like the existing hair and also matches in terms density, direction and color. The procedure begins by first making design consultation so as to make sure that the product looks exactly natural as your existing hair style and color.

Difference Between Hair Replacement and Hair Transplant Systems

The non-surgical hair replacement procedure involves toupees, hair extensions, hairpieces and hair weave to suit your existing hair. This procedure provides with a natural looking appearance just like a fuller head of hair.


Can I style my hair after transplant?

After Transplant, your hair will grow slowly and will completely grow in one year. After that you can style your hair as you want. You can also use Blow dry, mousses, gels, sprays and color your hairs.

Will be any hair fall after Hair Transplant procedure?

Yes, it is normal to have hair fall after this procedure because transplanted hairs take place for first 3 weeks then they fall down to make area for new hair to grow.

When can I take shower?

After the procedure, your doctor will put a head dressing for first 2 days. Once your dressing is removed, doctor will give you the first head wash. You should use baby shampoo at home and do not rub and starch your head for 2 more weeks.


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