Liposuction, also referred to as Lipoplasty, Liposculpture and Suction Lipectomy is a type of cosmetic surgery that reshapes the different parts of the body by removing excess fat deposits from the desired areas. By using this technique, excess or unwanted fat can be removed. Breast, hips, thighs, stomach, waist, neck, chin, calves and arms are the different body areas from where the fat is removed using Liposuction technique. More and more people are opting for this technique to get a perfect shape of their body.

The concept of Liposuction is surprisingly simple and permanently removes fat cells from the body. The surgical process is used to remove unwanted fat deposited between the skin and muscle for improving the body’s contour and shape. The patients who opt for liposuction, generally have a stable body weight but would like to remove undesirable deposits of fat in specific parts of the body.

discomfort mid
Duration of results
Duration of results 2 month
scars low
Potential risks
Potential risks low


liposuction preoperative instruction

Preparing for liposuction includes conducting a prior consultative meeting, during which he/she examines whether the patient has other diseases that may not allow liposuction, and examines the reasons that make the patient inclined to this type of operation. The doctor informs the patient of areas it is recommended to have liposuction from. Before the operation, the patient needs to perform some tests - usually, there is no need to perform many tests except for complete blood count, blood chemistry and coagulation tests. If the patient is old, he is asked to do a chest X-ray and an electrocardiogram. The doctor should be consulted about the medications that the patient should stop taking before the operation. Patients should stop taking Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Women should be asked to stop taking the contraceptive pills. Patients who suffer from anemia should be asked to take iron. You should not drink alcohol in the 48 hours before the operation and should fast for 8 hours before it. Patients should stop smoking a few weeks before and after the liposuction procedure.


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  • Sim card
  • Bank card
  • Airport transfer
  • City tour
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Economy Economy service

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